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Social Media Regulations – Consider the Law (And Remember the FTC)

By The Abrams Research Legal Team

The digital and social media landscape is constantly changing, and as can be expected from any new communication medium, government regulation is starting to catch up with this wave of innovation.


Our team of digital strategists  at Abrams Research are well versed in the legal aspects of online communication, and each of our staff members (many with law degrees or PhD’s) are trained to work with clients to make sure that they are operating according to regulations and fulfilling disclosure and regulatory requirements from governing boards and government agencies like The Federal Trade Commission (The FTC), The Securities & Exchange Commission (The SEC) or The Food and Drug Administration (The FDA).

While most businesses assume that that they are free to interact with consumers as they like, it is important to understand the digital communications regulations (including disclosure mandates) placed on ALL for-profit companies by The FTC. Another interesting/important fact: The Federal Communications Commission (The FCC) does NOT regulate any online or digital communications, as they are solely responsible for broadcast policy (over-the-air television & radio).

One thing to keep in mind: non-profit organizations are NOT regulated by the FTC (since, technically, they are not selling anything).

Remember, always consult your legal department when making decisions about what to publish online, and if you’d like to learn more about Abrams Research, our Digital Strategy Experts and the services we offer our clients, Click HERE or give us a call at (646) 370-1240.

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